Kizomba is...

"An embrace means I don't feel threatened by you, I'm not afraid to be this close, I can relax, feel at home, feel protected and in the presence of someone who understands me. It is said that each time we embrace someone warmly, we gain an extra day of life."

A quote from Paul Coelho (one of my favorite authors) that describes for me what dancing kizomba is like.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to a New Year: 2015

I've been vacationing with family over the Christmas and New Year and that usually means no dancing and lots of eating. One day I'll bring more Kizomba to the Philippines along with Bachata  ... but that's for another day.

As the 1st of January comes to an end, its time to reflect on what happened in 2014 and what to look forward to in January.

Let's welcome January with a bang!
  • Jan 2: First Friday Kizomba with DJ Mary Lyons at West Hall in the Century Ballroom. Dropin lesson from 9-10pm and dance from 10pm to 1am
  • Jan 8: Kizomba 1a and 2a begins. Each level is a 5 week series that meets once a week on Thursdays. Kizomba 1a starts at 7:30pm and Kizomba 2a starts at 8:30pm
  • Jan 8 is also a 2nd Thursday Dance with DJ Jay Senior from 9:30pm to 12:30am
  • Jan 16 to 18: Eddy Vents Weekend in Seattle 
    • Jan 16 Friday Night Kizomba Dance with 9-10pm Dropin lesson and 10pm to 1:00am dance; DJ Mary Lyons
    • Jan 17 Saturday workshops with Eddy Vents (Registration here)
    • Jan 17 3rd Saturday Late Night Kizomba with DJ Samir from 11:00p to 1:30am 
    • Jan 18 Sunday Small Group Intensives with Eddy Vents (Registration here)
  • Jan 22 is 4th Thursday Dance with DJ Jay Senior from 9:30pm to 12:30am
  • Jan 24th Kizomba Workshops with Dennis Richards and Oriel and Kizomba Dance at Belltown Dance Studio

    Weekly practica continues on Monday nights at the Centennial Towers
    Check with Danny Vidaud regarding Kizomba Love Saturdays (usually on 2nd and 4th Saturdays)
We had a lot of stuff going on in 2014 so just in case you forgot, here are the highlights:
  • Jan 17-19 Weekend with Mike Evens and Valerie (first time in Seattle)
  • Apr 6-8 Seattle and Mexico City Kizomba Exchange
  • May 9-11 Seattle Bachata Kizomba Festival featuring Oscar BA, Kenny Ntola, Gosia Pe and Frances
  • May 17-18 Weekend with Gosia and Olek
  • Jun 6-8 Weekend with Cymeone Mapao (first time in Seattle)
  • Jul 13-17 Weekend with Petchu and Vanessa (frist time in Seattle) along with 5th year anniversary of Kizomba Seattle
  • Sep 4 - 8 Dance Festival at the Center of the Universe where Miguel and Susanna, Ivo and Shani, Frances and Galine taught kizomba as part of the Zouk festival.
  • Nov 7-9 Weekend with Vasco (first time in Seattle)
  • Nov 28-30 Seattle Salsa Congress hosted a Kizomba Int/Adv Bootcamp featuring Cymeone, Ivo and Shani, Lucia, Frances, Chris and Shannon and DJ Guelas
2015 is already off to a great start, let's keep our community growing strong and sweet! I'll reserve the excitement of who's coming to visit in another post but let's just say, I already have something brewing for April, May and October.

Hugs to everyone!