Kizomba is...

"An embrace means I don't feel threatened by you, I'm not afraid to be this close, I can relax, feel at home, feel protected and in the presence of someone who understands me. It is said that each time we embrace someone warmly, we gain an extra day of life."

A quote from Paul Coelho (one of my favorite authors) that describes for me what dancing kizomba is like.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eddy Vents: An Evening of Kizomba 4/21, Saturday

Come and learn Kizomba from Eddy Vents

Eddy Vents was born in Guinea-Bissau and grew up in Portugal. He's been dancing Kizomba for 15 years. In 2010 he started teaching Kizomba in London and all over England, as well as many congresses around the world, such as in France, Finland, Serbia, Croatia and Jamaica. He s the founder of the Pitanga Dance Group, a  group formed with the intention of delivering traditional Kizomba through teaching and performance to spread Kizomba all over the world.

Experience his energy, passion and love for kizomba first hand. Learn, meet and dance with us on Saturday, April 21st. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to experience this wonderfully connected dance: Kizomba. [Eddy will be spinning as well :D]

Kizomba Workshop (all levels): 8:30 - 10:00pm
Pay $30 by credit card (a $1.50 credit card service fee is included)

Please include your full name:
$30 on 4/21 (walk-in). 
$8 for just the dance

Hope to see you and Have fun out dancing!